Monday, November 18, 2013


Bad news last friday... when i was watching tv with my family.. 
laugh out loud.. and yet my phone was making sound a few times and i ignore it.. 
then after a late dinner.. i check on my phone thats the end of it... im lost.. 
he is gone... my schoolmate Yuzuman was gone... and gone 4ever... 
i was crying all nite... my eyes sore.. my heart was crashing into pieces.. 
he was an amazing friend i ever had... he has a good heart.. he always made all of us smile.. 
he always make others feel happy.. but in his heart only God knows .. 
alot of things that he has gone through.. it is pain everytime ive think of it.. 
but yes God Loves him more... there you go im letting you go.. 

 "My heart was saying... "kenapa yuzman?? Kenapa kau buat aku macam ni..?? Kenapa tak bg tahu aku... salu boleh je ko call aku borak2.. but this time ko pergi tanpa bg tahu aku.. kau mmg..." x dpt tengok kau langsung lagi dah... apapun harap kau tahu kitaorang semua sayang kau yuzuman..."

things happen for a reason... 

Moga kau tenang disana Yuzuman.. Moga kau ditempatkan bersama orang yang beriman.. 

Al- Fatihah

With Lots of Love..

NoTe:  "Being a shoulder for a loved one to lean on & cry on may mean everything in the world to that person & we must never take this for granted."  

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