Thursday, November 2, 2017


Hi & Assalamualaikum.

Korang sihat? i hope semua sihat. macam biasa i lazy to write. my vitamin malas banyak sangat dalam badan. hehe.. lama sangat tinggal sampai caption pun tak tahu apa nak letak. anyway i baru berjinak-jinak konon nak vlog. (sila muntah beramai-ramai) haha. cita-cita tu kadang merapu tahap langit ke 7. nak edit video pun tak pandai.. i juz guna aps kat my phone. youtube tu dah lama ada. merapu pun banyak jugak. sama macam i mula join blogging. tah hapa-hapa i melalut. lepas marah pun ada gak. well bak kata orang zaman jahiliah. the world change so do i. in sha allah. my first video yang i rasa best jerrr  i compile jadikan 1 video masa my tokyo trip May lepas. nanti uols tengok like and komen laa k.

kalau suka subscribe and like and leave a comments kalau ada.. lolz. 😋..  7 days 6 nights in tokyo was an awesome trip. kat sana public transport super senang and supper efficient. i x der tips sangat pun nak share ngan uols. just kalau nak gi holidays make sure study the places that u want to go and plan la better. my last tokyo trip tu i last minit tetiba rasa nak g.. so i did study semua in a week je kot.. haha yahh i know its a bit crazy but with my life partner ada so tak takut laahh... jalan jer.. i rent the apartment using Airbnb so memang senang gila. and my host pun friendly membantu juga la. student malaysia pun ada kat sana. my cousin ask her student kat sana bawak i jalan 1 hari ja jalan-jalan town tokyo. bump into ramai malaysian but 1-2 ja yang ramah and plus jumpa sorang abang ni siap bawak kami jalan-jalan tempat murahhh weiiii... hihihhihi sampai die pun terjebak shopping ngan kiterang. nama kedai 'Kinji' kedai bundle and kedai 2nd hand high class hokeyyyyyy.. terletak near to Shinjuku station. hubby bought jeans kesukaan dia and i bought 1 bag LV and few bags lagi lahh.. Kalau ke Jepun, Mount Fuji tu harus dilawati masa nak balik i singgah Gotemba Premium Outlet. seriously MURAH GILER. i bought watches and some cloths la.. Coach pun boleh tahan murahhhh hoih.. jauh beza harga.. banyak jugak laa cover tempat tapi serious tak puas. poket pun dah kering balik malaysia dulu and cari duit balik.. hehe.. ehh apa lagi korang nak tahu?? makan?? makan tak susah kat sana.. banyak je halal food.. especially kat Ueno. kedai kebab pun ada banyak jer.. benda paling penting kena ada i rasa internet or pocket wifi. senang laa nak ke sana ke sini. surprisingly kat sana pun boleh guna waze. kami sewa keta sehari untuk ke mount fuji and gotemba. sebab harga transport sama ngan sewa keta sebijik. so baik sewa keta lama sket boleh merayau. kalau naik public transport kena ikot jadual pulak.. memang shiok.. ada ke holiday yang tak shiok hahahah.. kalau dah nama pun holiday i rasa tak da sapa tak suka.. ok laa korang sampai sini dulu.. nanti sambung lagi k.. cerita pasal lain plak.. but if korang ada nak tanya apa-apa silalah tanya. jangan malu-malu eccehhhh.. hehe.. good night and assalamualaikum. 

Lots of love 
Me ^_^ 

Note: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, July 31, 2017

Makan after Makan and a Friend Big Day

Assalamualaikum and hai... 

My weekend seriously well spent... alhamdulillah all is well and super good... don't know when im gonna stop eating all the delicious food... attended my colleague wedding.. my small kids wanted to wear tudung so much even though is super hot saturday... the weather was super hot.. and i feel like going out driving around with super blast aircond in the car.. hahaha.. 

Thanks adik for inviting us... this is not even half of the finance department. lolz. 

Nadia thanks for calling me.. i was about driving home and she called me... "babe jangan lupa datang rumah aku... its adik engagement day" me be like ya Allah aku terlupa... ho yeahhhhhh i straight drove to her house and yes super sedap food is served... how can i escape cake chocolate was melt in my mouth... and lontong also sedap sangat-sangat.. semua sedapppp!! OMG seriously my appetite nih macam apa je lately... nadia is my best friend dari zaman sekolah... we grow up together.. ponteng class together..  we watch movie after school with our school uniform and alhamdulillah till today our friendship tough and strong in sha allah till our last breath.. well she is tougher than me.. why i said that because she lost her mom few years ago... her mom was like my mom too.. we are that closed.. we all have our own story.. we all had been through tough times.
and the tough time has made us today alhamdulillah... 

Feel bad for my eating habit so i decided yes i need to workout.. hahaha... went out for a jog actually with my lil one.. Damiea 6 yrs old took this pic for me... 

and the next day i did my Sunday walk on my Sunday morning... later on i have and another two event to attend. another makan-makan.. hurmm..

walking and jogging along the neighborhood... while listening to my favorite song... and for now i love savina and drone from korea... i love it much.. 

this is my little muchkin... my forever baby girls.. 

and this my ex boyfriend... lol .. #captionjangannakajakpikarokplak.. tanya i dulu... hahhahah #teambella #tirucaption orang #kottetibanakpegangtanganlakikita #captiontengahhot lolz.. i was amuse by the caption that was trending and i don't really know but i love the caption of the artist especially feeya... jangan cuba kacau harimau sedang tido... hahahaha.. anyway life is karma.. what goes around comes around... in sha allah... but still, i believe that women instinct is powerful.. lalalala .. yeahhhh dig in.. but it does not really matters.. and still, things happen for a reason.. take it as a learning process and a little caution.. what am i talking about is the viral stories that spread on the internet and newspaper.. pokok tak kan bergoyang kalau tak ada angin betul tak.. jaga lah diri dan maruah diri... note to self.. 

Lots of Love 

Note: TRUST, take years to build, second to break, forever to repair. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Today i is craving for nasi lemak and Sufiya 1st day on Duty !!

Assalamualaikum and morning loves!! 

i as usual super hectic kelam kabut in every morning... i had to take my allergies pils last night and it making me feel drowsy and super sleepy.. my skin was very itchy perhaps there's something that i eat that effect my body... im still searching the solutions and what is exactly i allergic with.. my lil girl cik mia is going for a school group factory visit trip.. they will be visiting chocolate factory and other's.. how i wish i could send her and watch her getting on the bus.. she was so excited. but sadly i need to send other kakak to school... let abah send you and hoping that you will enjoy every and each moment..  hurmmm ok let's move... 

today i am craving for nasi lemak.. it's has been awhile i didn't have any.. 
and i super need to restock my favorite 'Kopi Senyum'. im almost run out of it. 
my office tea lady also bring porridge and salted egg for us to start our day.. 
how completed our morning is... alhamdulillah.. and so our sistah bring a lot of kuih muih to share with.. 
syiok abes... and syiok abes diet !!  hahaha... we eat like no body business... 
alahhhh makan je lahh.. diet postponed esok esok esok esok.. lalalalalalaaaa.. 

my lil cik piya is having her 1st day on duty as prefect.. im so sorry that i don't know how to tie a tie. lolz.. you have to ask your friends and cikgu to help you.. we run out of time... kejut abah nanti kita lagi lambat... i hope your friends and cikgu will help you and please study smart... good luck kiddo... i love you!! and you are pretty on the uniform.. proud of you.. always pray for the best for you... 

Lots of love 

Note: Never Give Up On Your Dreams 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hiking at Denai Tiga Puteri

Assalamualaikum and hai semua!! 
Mood ok tak?? mood i biasa ada turun naik ecccehhhh... 

Pagi sabtu lepas...  i went for hiking at Kota Damansara... 
On the way to KD also dah dapat view sunrise yang awesome... belum mendaki lagi... mendaki laaaa sangat... padahal bukit ciput jeee.. mahahahaha... 

So here the starting point. If you all ke sini the actual location is nearby Taman Tasik Rimba Riang, Kota Damansara..waze jerrrr..  i sendiri baru tahu ada bukit yang boleh hiking di KD.. 
Kami start hiking at 8.30am. tak boleh nak start too early sebab laluan yang agak gelap.. banyak pokok memayungi laluan that's why gelap.. kalau nak start awal make sure bawa headlamp atau lampu suluh yang power and terang.. kalau 7 pagi start pun gelap tau... 

Geng hiking on the day.... 
actually we all recce this place, tengok sesuai ke tak kalau nak buat Aktiviti Kelab Sukan.

Made it!! checkout the view !! cun gile... 

Crime partner posing!! 

i super love this pic.. macam iklan owhhh 

Ada titi comel. 

kena langkah pokok tumbang yang besar ni. 

Pokok ni usia dia i think 100 tahun kot... entah... besar bangat.. 

We all settle hiking about 11.30am.. kalau betul-betul laju i rasa kejap ja.. anyway, syabas to me and adik kecik 2 orang ni pun berjaya sampai puncak!! ... Elevation untuk trail ni...max naik 321 meter... jarak pegi balik 8.5km... so you all apa lagi.. try laaaa.. tak susah pun... just kalau boleh pakai proper shoes. kasut getah or kasut hiking.. kasut jogging boleh cuma kena hati-hati sebab trail yang agak berpasir and easily slip.. banyak juga pokok yang berduri  dan i ada terjumpa cik Ulerrrr... terkezut makkk tauuuu... so far i suka... tak susah sangat nak panjat... tapi still bahaya kalau tak hati-hati.. 

Good luck ya uols and selamat mencuba tawan bukit denai ni... wehuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! 

Lots of Love 

Note: Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lunch at Chill Chill

Assalamualaikum and Hai !!!!! 

My tummy is super happy... 
Had these for today... and yahhh i was feeling a bit off today... 
surely it was the Monday Blues.. 
i need vitamin sea too... seriously need it badly.. 
Total of my Coffee and Steam Bread is RM 12.55 at Chill Empire Shopping Gallery.  

Lots of Love

Note: "Everyday i arrive at work with good intentions and a great attitude... and the idiots happen"  - minions work fun quotes 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Craving satisfied and missing Shiba-Sakura Festival in Japan

Life is so completed.. with you Cik Tyra, Cik Sufiya, Cik Meera, Cik Mia.. Love so much!! 


Requested cik tyra to buy me onigiri.  and she did..i was craving like nuts. puas cari sana sini. Kat skolah Cik Tyra murah bangat onigiri ni. its only RM 2.50. wehuuuuuuuuuuu.. i hope i could easily find onigiri in Malaysia.. kalau kat jepun sana sini ada.. boleh dapat kat Family Mart. well, kat jepun banyak sangat Family Mart merata.. i wish i could get it kat 7Eleven.. please lah 7Eleven jual onigiri. i so love it much!! why onigiri sebab senang nak makan and senang nak diet. Tapi klu dah makan banyak-banyak ketul diet tu kelaut. Onigiri ni nasi kepal yang di balut dengan rumpai laut (seaweed) sedap tau... tapi ye laaaa bukan semua orang suka.. i jek duk suka makan onigiri ni.. Maybe remind me of Japan.. i love Japan much. sebab apa i suka Japan? sebab negaranya yang bersih, nyaman, teknologi pengangkutan hebat,  rakyat yang ramah dan banyak lagilah.. been japan twice.. last i went to japan is in May baru-baru ni hehe..  i missed the Golden Week.. but im lucky dapat pergi pesta shiba-sakura walau dah hujung-hujung musim and its almost ended. Lucky me alhamdulillah. 

Pesta Shiba-Sakura ni always happen in mid April to May every year if im not mistaken. you all boleh google ada website about the pesta itself. masa i gi dah nak masuk musim panas. it was super fun!! 

Share my hapiness always with my travel partner aka usben.. Thanks yang!! layan je karenah cik bini.. i love you so much!! i love pink so much.. as obviously korang mesti tahu kan kan kan!!

Cun kan!! seriously i am SUPER HAPPY!! dapat tengok sendiri and dapat amik gambar sendiri.. even dapat tengok Mount Fuji!! how romantic the view is!! seriously thank you sayang usben... bawak kita sampai sini.. kami drive je ok ke Mount Fuji siap guna waze lagi!! Gamba ala-ala poskad gitu.. rasa cam pro plaks kikikiiki... dengan kaler pinknya bunga-bunga tuuuuuuu... Ya Allah swt ciptaan Mu sangat luar biasa!!! Always amaze me with this pemandangan yang super cantik.. speechless.. nanti nak gi lagilah... kumpul duit dulu banyak-banyak.. kids sila belajar rajin-rajin ya... so that korang leh simpan duit and travel around the world.. its my dream too to travel around the world.. in sha allah niat yang baik selalunya jadi mudah.. tak kira apapun niat kita.. asalkan baik.. in sha allah.. more stories to be continue... ok lah sampai sini dulu.. Bye korang!!
Good Night!!

Lots Of Love

Note: Keep the Happiness Flows like a River Always!! 

Lunch Hour is my Happy Hour

Hi and Assalamualaikum.... 

This few days i was craving for onigiri.... i had donut from starbucks and onigiri for my heavy lunch... is that heavy ?? i dunno i just craving for it... as usual with my caffe latte. 

i also get Churros with chocolate filling and with caffe latte. Again. Had two caffe latte today.. i is so coffee addict... you guys have to try the churros was so good!! its melt in my mouth... SUPER SEDAP !!! the set of price is RM14.90. 

For more info and location click here >>> Churros Lover 

i also went to Daiso... its been a while i did not drop by Daiso... and i miss it.. 
i love the small cute stuff at Daiso... there's always things that i want to buy whenever at Daiso. LOLz.. 

I bought this Happy Bear container. Bought it for my Lil Baby Damiea. Tak baby sangat dahhh 6 tahun.. she can keep her Duit raya in the container... she loves present and who doesn't? i love present too.. 
so yah i bought it for her... i hope she like it...

That's for today!! 

Lots Of Love 

Note: Be the Best you can Be    

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fight For My Way

Assalamualaikum... and Good Morning!!... 

Korang penah tengok citer Korea tak?? mesti ramai peminat korea... yang pada asalnya i sendiri tak la minat sangat.. tapi bila dah start memang susah nak berenti tengok... i was so addicted... some of the drama buat i angau seharian... and look at my husband sendiri pun jadi angau... hahaha... so yah now i currently watching drama Fight My Way. Baru episod 4. Panjang lagi kesah drama tu... citer mengisahkan 4 sekawan yang ada cita-cita dan impian masing-masing.. kawan yang rapat dari kecil hinggalah mereka dewasa sampai ada perasaan cinta dan sayang pun mereka tak sedar... they really care each other or perhaps they just could not live without. sometime tengok drama ni pun bagi i an inspiration... inspiration to be better person in life.. tak semua kita nak kita dapat... but if only kita put more and extra effort to work on it... in sha allah yang kita nak pasti kita akan raih dengan usaha yang gigih tanpa rasa lelah dan kesal. 

Photo Source : Mr Google 

The poster Fight My Way. Pelakon citer ni pun cute. 

PhotoSource : Mr Google 

Such a fun and cute drama! Love the four main characters!
i baru tengok episode 4 out of 16 episode. so nak citer lebih lanjut tak dapat.... 
korang tengok laaa nanti k... 

Serious Best !! tak Tipu... hehehe.. 

Lots of Love 

Note: Fight for your love and Fight for your dream always. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Life Juice for me and make over for kiddos

Assalamualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera Uols!!! 

This is my new obsession sejak bulan puasa ritu. Almost everyday minum Life juice. 
Acah-acah diet katanya. 

Major Love for now... 

More info and location to get this Juices of love please click here >>>> Life Juice

My daughter Shameera... Dia ni memang sukalaaaaa kan  bergaya... Attended  her cousin open house and get a free make over.. hahaha... suka hati laaa nakkkkk asalkan awak bahagia...  sampai rumah dia tido with the make up... sayang sangat agaknya.. biarlah only for 1 day.. Meera dah macam jepun anime dah mama tengok kikiki... comel jugak... ok laaaa tu abg utti makeup kan... 

Ni lagi sorang... mama is redho... hehe

suka laaahhhh tu kann... super major love always abg utti punya hasil kerja tangan.. 
so sweet. Terima Kasih selalu layan anak-anak cik elly ni... 

ok selamat berhari raya uols... 

Lots Of Love 

Note: Be soft. Do not let the peoplemake you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your happiness - Yasmin Mogahed

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Selamat Hari Raya


Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin from me & family... 
Still on the mood cuti raya... how wish to cuti more longer but mana boley i miss my workplace.. lolz..
Duty is calling.. this year raya we don't have any color theme. i let the kids choose their favorite design and color. And yes they really happy choosing. We shop last minutes at Jakel Kuala Lumpur.. It was pack at the mall as usual and we love the feeling of eager towards happy raya...  The excitement of raya ni just once a year so why not. sesak-sesak tu normal. Balik kampung jalan jem pun to me its normal. Nama pun raya. Semua pun nak balik beraya dengan family masing-masing. And the heat of love is there. My kampung is in Sabak, Kelantan. It is very near to pantai sabak, just 2 minutes walking distance. Dekat sangat berak pun leh bau.. hihihihi... i did not grow up in Kelantan but my parents do. My brother stay in kelantan sebab kawin dengan ore kelate but alhamdulillah i can speak the dialect very well.. hehe. Kelantan ni tak boring.. best and its alot to explore. i am proud to have kampung in kelantan.. especially the food is awesome... 

This is our raya pic moment..
biasa laaa drama-drama pagi raya.. anak kecik nangis-nangis..
ragam raya.. meriahnya raya..

this pic was taken on the way to Kota Bharu..

Sampai sudah Kota Bandaraya Islam. it was about 15 hours of driving.
Hehe... 1 tahun sekali je kena hadap driving in traffic.. meriahnya raya.. bila ada alternatif jalan tak nak guna ni laaa jadinya... kami lalu jalan lama.. Raub- Kuala Lipis - Gua Musang.. konon ingat tak jem sebab tengok dah ramai yang cuti awal untuk balik kampung... haihhh.. biasalahhh i pun tak pandai nak meramal jalan.. tapi ye laaaa biasalaaa raya kan... tak terasa sangat perit nya tuh mungkin mood raya and rasa macam happening je ramai-ramai balik... so chill-chill ingat makanan yang best-best sedang menanti... wahahhahahah...

This my grandparent house cum homestay..

View back yard of the house..

Before balik KL we manage to visit my grandparents grave... i miss them alot... sometimes bila teringat rasa heartbroken sangat... i grow up with them... stay with them sleep with them... they always there for their cucu.. atok i hantar g skolah.. jaga me when my parents is away.. their love sangat strong and countless.. Tok Cik pass away about 2 years ago and year after my Tok Ayah pulak... then My Pak Lang... seriously we are very closed. Arwah Pak Lang tu Ya Allah super dooper penyayang... Allah swt lebih sayangkan diorang so i was hoping and praying that we will unite in Jannah in sha allah. it is a heartbroken...
Life must go on no matter what... Berdirilah kami dengan segala kekuatan yang ada in sha allah...
Mohon berdoa semoga keluarga dan adik-beradik ibu saya dapat sentiasa bersama support each other and stay together till Jannah... It is hard to let go... i know... but we had too for sake of the people that still around and need our loved and support... sabar itu indahkan..

Dah Dah tamo sedih-sedih.. semoga yang dah pergi tenang di sana dan kita yang hidup ni harus terus berjuang selagi hayat ada.. so much love need to spread on..

Balik ke pangkal jalan.. we amik laluan LPT.. sebab nak singgah Kuala Terengganu rumah my BFF masa study dulu... My Stamford Clan.. LOLz.. merangkap dah jadi sedara... heheh.. lepas singgah rumah dia i ke Dungun pula rumah my Mak sedara for 1 night.. best sangat dapat makan buah nangka hasil tanaman sendiri oleh Pak sedara punya parents.. seronok sangat nanti nak kekah kebun durian pulak... tunggu the right musim nanti.. ingat nak stay lagi 1 malam.. tapi teringat pulak rumah i sendiri yang lama sangat tu tinggal... rindu dahhh... so yang the next day we balik rumah... Alhamdulillah perjalanan kami selamat...

ok laaa sampai sini dulu..

TBC okeh..

Lots of Love

Note: Sabar itu sentiasa indah.. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lovely sky...

Hi and Assalamualaikum... 


This pic i snap while driving home yesterday... 


Beautiful view that score my heart always.. Rasa tenang jiwa dan raga.. 
Its show me betapa kerdilnya diri ini.. Kuasa Allah swt mengatasi segalanya.. 

Hampir sampai rumah.. tugas biasa.. my own rutin... 
fetch my two small kiddos at day care then terus rumah wait for iftor.. 
semalam lepas iftor kami kat butik baju cari bijih timah hehehe i mean batu swaroski nak tabur kat baju raya kosong kami kasik glam sikit..  hubby laaa kata baju kosong tepek laaa sikit apa2 kasi meriah sket.. 
at fisrt i macam ok je baju tuh.. oklah we put some sparks a bit on it.. hopefully the out come will look great.. how was persiapan raya uols pula? mesti lagi bestkan.. i hope for the best for all of you too..

Till then sayangku... 

Lots of Love 

Note: Be the best you can be and do the best you can.

Birthday iftar

Hi & Assalamualaikum semua... Hari ni birthday cik piya.. if not mistaken last year birthday cik piya pun dalam bulan ramadhan.. she is having her real blessed birthday bash.. alhamdulillah.. mama wish u semoga menjadi anak yang solehah dan berjaya dunia akhirat.. its her 13th birthday... i love you.. i love you so much.. you're the color of my life.. so, we decided to have our iftar kat restoran D'rasa.. speciality of asam pedas claypot..     
sorry family pic ada sedikit gempa bumi.. sebelah restaurant ni ada bakery shop.. tot nak beli cake kat sebelah so that we can tiop-tiop lilin cake.. sadly tak ada cake.. it's ok cik piya nanti lain hari kita tiup lilin ya.. well i think i have made the rite choice for our iftar.. makanan siap on time n kita makan pun licin.. alhamdulillah celebration yang sederhana sahaja.. paling penting kami selalu dapat iftar sama-sama... syukur alhamdulillah.. as always.. harga juga sederhana.. i have met kak sazana the owner of D'rasa restaurant kecik molek dan tak sombong tuannya.. sangat ramah.. saya doakan semoga murah rezeki sis dan perniagaan sis akan lebih maju.. in sha allah aamin.. in sha allah akan ketemu lagi kita... 

So till then nanti kita cerita-cerita lagi... Happy Ramadhan.. 

D'rasa Claypot
Location : Sky Park, Bandar Saujana Putra

Lots of love 
Me ^_^ 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Raya Dah Dekat!!

Hi and assalamualaikum.. 
How all of you been doing? I hope everyone is doing super great and in super good health in sha allah.. its has been awhile didn't blog any. Everytime i want to blog about i will go lazy and plus I don't know how to start. Till my camera dah berhabuk..  gosh i think my brain ni dah kering idea.. nak start balik pun merangkak... mind my rojak language..

Camera berhabuk macam blog tuanya. I will start fresh and new in sha allah.. 

Raya lagi berapa hari jer. I want to take this opportunity to wish u all Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.. semoga selamat perjalanan uols pulang ke kampung.. hati-hati jangan rushed, keep calm jer k...

Lots of love