Friday, July 28, 2017

Today i is craving for nasi lemak and Sufiya 1st day on Duty !!

Assalamualaikum and morning loves!! 

i as usual super hectic kelam kabut in every morning... i had to take my allergies pils last night and it making me feel drowsy and super sleepy.. my skin was very itchy perhaps there's something that i eat that effect my body... im still searching the solutions and what is exactly i allergic with.. my lil girl cik mia is going for a school group factory visit trip.. they will be visiting chocolate factory and other's.. how i wish i could send her and watch her getting on the bus.. she was so excited. but sadly i need to send other kakak to school... let abah send you and hoping that you will enjoy every and each moment..  hurmmm ok let's move... 

today i am craving for nasi lemak.. it's has been awhile i didn't have any.. 
and i super need to restock my favorite 'Kopi Senyum'. im almost run out of it. 
my office tea lady also bring porridge and salted egg for us to start our day.. 
how completed our morning is... alhamdulillah.. and so our sistah bring a lot of kuih muih to share with.. 
syiok abes... and syiok abes diet !!  hahaha... we eat like no body business... 
alahhhh makan je lahh.. diet postponed esok esok esok esok.. lalalalalalaaaa.. 

my lil cik piya is having her 1st day on duty as prefect.. im so sorry that i don't know how to tie a tie. lolz.. you have to ask your friends and cikgu to help you.. we run out of time... kejut abah nanti kita lagi lambat... i hope your friends and cikgu will help you and please study smart... good luck kiddo... i love you!! and you are pretty on the uniform.. proud of you.. always pray for the best for you... 

Lots of love 

Note: Never Give Up On Your Dreams 

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