Monday, July 31, 2017

Makan after Makan and a Friend Big Day

Assalamualaikum and hai... 

My weekend seriously well spent... alhamdulillah all is well and super good... don't know when im gonna stop eating all the delicious food... attended my colleague wedding.. my small kids wanted to wear tudung so much even though is super hot saturday... the weather was super hot.. and i feel like going out driving around with super blast aircond in the car.. hahaha.. 

Thanks adik for inviting us... this is not even half of the finance department. lolz. 

Nadia thanks for calling me.. i was about driving home and she called me... "babe jangan lupa datang rumah aku... its adik engagement day" me be like ya Allah aku terlupa... ho yeahhhhhh i straight drove to her house and yes super sedap food is served... how can i escape cake chocolate was melt in my mouth... and lontong also sedap sangat-sangat.. semua sedapppp!! OMG seriously my appetite nih macam apa je lately... nadia is my best friend dari zaman sekolah... we grow up together.. ponteng class together..  we watch movie after school with our school uniform and alhamdulillah till today our friendship tough and strong in sha allah till our last breath.. well she is tougher than me.. why i said that because she lost her mom few years ago... her mom was like my mom too.. we are that closed.. we all have our own story.. we all had been through tough times.
and the tough time has made us today alhamdulillah... 

Feel bad for my eating habit so i decided yes i need to workout.. hahaha... went out for a jog actually with my lil one.. Damiea 6 yrs old took this pic for me... 

and the next day i did my Sunday walk on my Sunday morning... later on i have and another two event to attend. another makan-makan.. hurmm..

walking and jogging along the neighborhood... while listening to my favorite song... and for now i love savina and drone from korea... i love it much.. 

this is my little muchkin... my forever baby girls.. 

and this my ex boyfriend... lol .. #captionjangannakajakpikarokplak.. tanya i dulu... hahhahah #teambella #tirucaption orang #kottetibanakpegangtanganlakikita #captiontengahhot lolz.. i was amuse by the caption that was trending and i don't really know but i love the caption of the artist especially feeya... jangan cuba kacau harimau sedang tido... hahahaha.. anyway life is karma.. what goes around comes around... in sha allah... but still, i believe that women instinct is powerful.. lalalala .. yeahhhh dig in.. but it does not really matters.. and still, things happen for a reason.. take it as a learning process and a little caution.. what am i talking about is the viral stories that spread on the internet and newspaper.. pokok tak kan bergoyang kalau tak ada angin betul tak.. jaga lah diri dan maruah diri... note to self.. 

Lots of Love 

Note: TRUST, take years to build, second to break, forever to repair. 

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