Friday, October 21, 2011

Lirik Lelaki Seperti Aku – Aliff Satar

Memang tak ada lelaki seperti aku
Tapi yang lebih baik banyak
Memang tak ada lelaki sehebat aku
Tapi yang lebih hebat banyak
Maka tak perlu kau susah hati
Banyak lelaki yang bisa kau pilih
Untuk kau jadikan sandaran hati

Memang tak ada lelaki seseksi aku
Tapi yang lebih seksi banyak
Memang tak ada lelaki setampan aku
Tapi yang lebih tampan banyak
Maka tak perlu sedu sedan itu
Jangan sampai kau rendahkan dirimu
Memaksa aku tuk’ jadi pacarmu


Oo baby baby
Jangan kau marah sebab ku tolak
Ku tahu kamu cantik
Ku percaya kau baik
Ku yakin pasti ada
Lelaki yang tertarik
Oo baby

Jangan kau dendam sebab ku enggan
Bercinta aku mahu
Tapi tidak denganmu
Ku sudah ada satu
Kekasih yang menunggu
Ceritanya aku sedang belajar setia
Maka dari itu kamu terus jangan memaksa
Kerna aku memang tak suka mendua

Ulang Chorus

Memang tak ada lelaki seperti aku
Tapi yang lebih baik banyak

with lots of love
me ;)

note: its friday and its a happy day... ;)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Do you know what power means to you….?? And I think I know… this is how I see it.. Different people have different opinion.. But this is how I see it…Power when how strong u are been holding on to.. Say maybe relationship or even work…Power when u are so have been patient on waiting or hold anger and so on.. I think u guys get what iam trying to explain… when u have that kind of POWER than u will be doing good in your life and plus relationship… power when u are so strong… power when u can just control situation.. power when u can just forget all those darkness that u have been trough… power when u have been yourself… power when u are not been fake… power when u are honest… well things happen… but God have the secret for all of us…. Learn to be patient and yes you will get GOLDS in return.. POWER for me is also about patient… u cannot get things at short time… hurmmm… whatever it is… this is life… nothing is perfect…

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It is LIFE

It is really hurtful when some other people keep on bugging our own little life in bad way..

It is really hurtful when people don’t seem really happy to see other people happiness...

It is really hurtful where some people is telling the untruth story or make it upside down or whatever and keep on twisting it like their life is so perfect and keep on covering their own ass...

It is hurtful when someone you trust keep on betraying and keep on making simple things become really complicated...

It’s really hurtful to think something it’s not worth at all...

It is so wonderful if we can just always think positive and always make life simple and easier.

It is wonderful if we all just keep on smiling to each other and think positive...

It is wonderful if we always be thankful for what we have...

It is so wonderful if we can just live our life with wonderful people and friends without any hatred and jealousy...

It is so wonderful if we all just be happy as always...

It is wonderful if we just born that perfect...

wit lots of love

me ;)

Note: Allah Swt sentiasa memberi ujian terhadap hambaNya.. dan semoga kita tabah dan kuat menghadapinya...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still Dekat Padamu..

Assalamualaikum n Salam Sejahtera

Update update...
im so bzing restore some energy...
next week it is...
im going to start work by next week..
n hey i will be back on track insyaallah...
i still can't wear some of my cloths and pants...

Before deliver my weight is 72kg... and now im 62kg...
i seriously need to work out more and more..
i don't know how but somehow someway i have to do it...
hopefully i will make it trough ... with my family n hubby support surely can!!
hikss.. hope so...

today my kids had high fever accept my baby..
i need to overnight... my kids need extra care for tonite..
my daughter Athyra had the highest body temp for now...
This is the 1st time they had fever all together..
its not easy to be a mother kann... n now i know...
i have to be strong for them... hurmmmm

remind me of myself... how i always make my mom sad and worried even till today..
im so sorry mom... i am so sorry...
ehhh wait raya dah abes... x pe kan mama kan... hihihihi...
k laaa dats all for now...

take care all... i miss u all as always..
will update more insyaallah...

wit lots of love..