Friday, February 9, 2018

Seniman Charity and Fun Run 2018

Hi and assalamualaikum uols... 

Life always has it up & down.. so sabar je lah dengan hal dunia ni.. selalulah berdoa dan sentiasa ingat pada Dia.. He will always ingat kita in sha allah.. 

i don't know why i have been so sensitive lately.. maybe i feel that im too old to argue with the things that don't necessarily need my action. 

when i feel uneasy with something i just walk away instead of arguing with some that so not worth it. chill. just do or wear the things that you or me like and love the most.
 as long as we all feel its rite.. 

and there's always a good way to give an opinion and advice. especially find the right time and place to do it.

Enough with this mix feeling.

Keep Calm & Smile.

Let me share with you the thing that i love to do on my spare time.. 

I love running. but not for a long distance just a short one. the longest run i registered before is 15km the new balance run. and now i only join for 10km. the latest is Seniman Run. it was fun. 

i love the positive vibes. meeting the positive people around. feel the happiness. 

Seniman Run 10 km at 4th Feb 2018. The Venue is at Finas, Kuala Lumpur. 
banyaknyer photo boomersssss... LOLs... 
Uols memang Cool Gilerr.. 

Kakak tyra lari hantu sama mama..
hikkk next time i'll register for you k.. 
the medal is yours. 

Just a slow runner. Janji sampai the at finish line. 
I feel good!! 

Kakak lari sampai tercabut tapak. lolz. laju kakak lari.
so yah..our mission accomplished. 
counting for next run in March. 

i did it again. yeayyy!! Medal for January Check.
February Check..

For Next run wish me luck gais!!! 

Lots of Love 

"Life Doesn't Require That We Be The Best, Only That We Try Our Best" 

Things Happen Always For a Reason

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning... 

What a tough title. well. things happens. always for a reason. 

"No disaster strikes except by permission of Allah. And whoever believes in Allah - He will guides his heart. Quran 64:11" 

i just want to finish each day and be done with it. i have done the things that need to be done. Ramadhan is almost there. my fasting mission is completed. alhamdulillah. 

Sometimes those tough time teach us to be better. Always stay positive even though you cannot. we need  and have to always end the day with a positive thought.   

the things is we all just need to be strong. and think about other may have more tough time than us. 


"Broken hearts healed. Maybe the cracks were always there, like thin scars, but they healed. People lived and worked, Laughed and ate, walked and talked with those cracks. For may, even the scars healed and the loved again." 

Stay strong. Stay Positive. Moving Forward. Be Kind and always stay beautiful. 

Lots of Love 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

My first Run year 2018

Hi Friends!!. tonight im free.. i can update my blog freely.. kiddos is having their taekwando classes at early morning tomorrow. they need to sleepy early. 

i received a free ticket for a K-Wave concert last January. i was so excited and was thinking to bring kiddos for our first experience to a concert at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur. 

i never been to the stadium. but huh sadly the date was clash with my first charity run 2018. so i ask tyra and sufiya attend the concert. my 1st daughter tyra was pretty excited. she admire the korean singer alot. (suka sangat muka jambu-jambu) hahaha.. sukahatilanak.. i ask my boy cousin to accompany tyra and friends. (jadi body guard skejap) luckily he on off day. yahoooooo!!! 

I got 6 ticket. another 2 extra tix i have given to my cousin friend. and so they went. i teringin ja nak join but still i don't want to miss my run. it was happen the same day and time.

my anak sulong 1st daughter from right. She is wearing my flower Doc Mart boot. senyum lebar her school friend when i pass them the tickets.. haha. suka hati laa nak asalkan korang happy. 

maaflah this 2 jakun never been to Stadium Negara. hikk.. 

after we sent tyra for a concert, we straight to my ILLUMI charity run at Selangor Turf Club.  

was trying to persuade my hubs to run with me and yes i failed. he doesn't really into sports. sanggup tunggu dalam kereta jer.. 

my little one join me the run.. this is shameera.. my 3rd daughter.. she was good.. i underestimate her energy. i am proud. 

but this little one almost give up. kesian tengok dia sampat seret kaki. no choice but we need to finish the run. still kena atleast jalan slow-slow. nasib lah anak sapa suruh nak ikot. lesson learned for me too. 5 km run was her nightmare. at her age perhaps. kenit belum sesuai nak join run. hikhik. 

my First ILLUMI Run 2018 was awesome!! i super join next year. huhuhuhu.. 

This is sufiya my 2nd daughter. she did great too for her that not really into much in sports. (sila geng dengan abah ye nak) hehe.. 

Finally we happily completed our run. shiok abes!! macam discotic run. the best part is me n my team (my kiddo) was always being aim by the so called water glow shooter and we are busted!!!.. seriously overall the run was super awesome and super fun. the kids really enjoy but next run i would rather not bring them. feel so pity. but shameera was doing pretty good. 

So yah, im counting for my next run wehuuuuuu... next is 10km. just wait.. keep calm and smile.. tyra will join me to the run. at least i have her beside me. supporting through out the run. tq daughter i love you!! emmuahhh!! 

ok lah my eyes is getting smaller. the bed is calling. 
Good night Loves!! 
more stories coming up as promise!! 

Lots of Love 

Do More of What Makes You Happy!! 

Friday, February 2, 2018


Hi and Assalamualaikum semua kawan-kawan..

As ussual it's has been awhile i know. The last i wrote is in November 2017. Lame yes i know. But it's never to late to start. Am i right?. Life must go on and on.

Let's talk about azam. So my azam every year is losing some weight. Am i achieve my mission? Of course is a big NO. Why? because i always have this reason rugi tak makan. Especially bila dah penat-penat, peluh-peluh ketiak and berpeluh kepala masak kat dapur. kah kah kah kah. I know it's always been like this many years.

So this year pasang azam lagi nak lose weight. tak boleh mengalah, NEVER!!  When i saw my old old pic geram tengok my betis my old baju. How i really fit in. Now pakai baju apa pun rasa macam tong tengah berjalan. Sabar jer lahhh! baju sekarang size M-L. Damm im big women now. hahahaha. Tengok orang work out waaaa jelesnya. i don't know why i don't get the spirit and even the energy. (banyak vitamin malas dalam badan).

The energy to even write. haih. Totally mess of me. sob sob. In sha allah im getting there. Collect all the energy boost. haha. I'am. Believe me. It's not easy tau. lolz. Alhamdulillah for how i grow (Gemok) today hahahha.. kalau jumpa kawan lama kat kampung. They said that my hubs feeds me well. hahahhahahha... i smile everytime i teringat the words 'Feed'. Thanks gais. I feel good about it. Thanks sayang u really did. What an achievement.

Most of my mission last year is accomplished alhamdulillah. Nothing much has stop me doing things i love. i have all the people who loves me and giving the full support. Syukur alhamdulillah for that.
Work wise alhamdulillah also. I love my job. Being a PA to my kind Boss. Nothing much more i can ask for. Just always stay positive no matter what. What really people think or talk negative. Hah!! what ever.. as long as i know or you know what is right. Just do my very best always.

So. For this year.  My mission is number 1. Write more about anything. good thing. that accross my mind. 2. Yes Work Out More. marathon, running, jog, or anything that can make me sweat. 3. Always be kind to all people. Good or Bad. 4. Work Smart. 5. Save more money in the bank. And there's more but let me keep it with my own self. hehehe. I cannot reveal everything. i want to surprise myself.

That's all for today. I will wrote more okay. I promise. hewww hew hewwww... What ever that me or you have plan, if its not really happen it maybe there's something better or good is waiting. Allah is always the planner right? He is. Always. Pray for the best always.

Best of luck gais!!

Lots of Love

Note: "Never Stop Learning, Because Life Never Stop Teaching"

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Hi & Assalamualaikum.

Korang sihat? i hope semua sihat. macam biasa i lazy to write. my vitamin malas banyak sangat dalam badan. hehe.. lama sangat tinggal sampai caption pun tak tahu apa nak letak. anyway i baru berjinak-jinak konon nak vlog. (sila muntah beramai-ramai) haha. cita-cita tu kadang merapu tahap langit ke 7. nak edit video pun tak pandai.. i juz guna aps kat my phone. youtube tu dah lama ada. merapu pun banyak jugak. sama macam i mula join blogging. tah hapa-hapa i melalut. lepas marah pun ada gak. well bak kata orang zaman jahiliah. the world change so do i. in sha allah. my first video yang i rasa best jerrr  i compile jadikan 1 video masa my tokyo trip May lepas. nanti uols tengok like and komen laa k.

kalau suka subscribe and like and leave a comments kalau ada.. lolz. 😋..  7 days 6 nights in tokyo was an awesome trip. kat sana public transport super senang and supper efficient. i x der tips sangat pun nak share ngan uols. just kalau nak gi holidays make sure study the places that u want to go and plan la better. my last tokyo trip tu i last minit tetiba rasa nak g.. so i did study semua in a week je kot.. haha yahh i know its a bit crazy but with my life partner ada so tak takut laahh... jalan jer.. i rent the apartment using Airbnb so memang senang gila. and my host pun friendly membantu juga la. student malaysia pun ada kat sana. my cousin ask her student kat sana bawak i jalan 1 hari ja jalan-jalan town tokyo. bump into ramai malaysian but 1-2 ja yang ramah and plus jumpa sorang abang ni siap bawak kami jalan-jalan tempat murahhh weiiii... hihihhihi sampai die pun terjebak shopping ngan kiterang. nama kedai 'Kinji' kedai bundle and kedai 2nd hand high class hokeyyyyyy.. terletak near to Shinjuku station. hubby bought jeans kesukaan dia and i bought 1 bag LV and few bags lagi lahh.. Kalau ke Jepun, Mount Fuji tu harus dilawati masa nak balik i singgah Gotemba Premium Outlet. seriously MURAH GILER. i bought watches and some cloths la.. Coach pun boleh tahan murahhhh hoih.. jauh beza harga.. banyak jugak laa cover tempat tapi serious tak puas. poket pun dah kering balik malaysia dulu and cari duit balik.. hehe.. ehh apa lagi korang nak tahu?? makan?? makan tak susah kat sana.. banyak je halal food.. especially kat Ueno. kedai kebab pun ada banyak jer.. benda paling penting kena ada i rasa internet or pocket wifi. senang laa nak ke sana ke sini. surprisingly kat sana pun boleh guna waze. kami sewa keta sehari untuk ke mount fuji and gotemba. sebab harga transport sama ngan sewa keta sebijik. so baik sewa keta lama sket boleh merayau. kalau naik public transport kena ikot jadual pulak.. memang shiok.. ada ke holiday yang tak shiok hahahah.. kalau dah nama pun holiday i rasa tak da sapa tak suka.. ok laa korang sampai sini dulu.. nanti sambung lagi k.. cerita pasal lain plak.. but if korang ada nak tanya apa-apa silalah tanya. jangan malu-malu eccehhhh.. hehe.. good night and assalamualaikum. 

Lots of love 
Me ^_^ 

Note: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, July 31, 2017

Makan after Makan and a Friend Big Day

Assalamualaikum and hai... 

My weekend seriously well spent... alhamdulillah all is well and super good... don't know when im gonna stop eating all the delicious food... attended my colleague wedding.. my small kids wanted to wear tudung so much even though is super hot saturday... the weather was super hot.. and i feel like going out driving around with super blast aircond in the car.. hahaha.. 

Thanks adik for inviting us... this is not even half of the finance department. lolz. 

Nadia thanks for calling me.. i was about driving home and she called me... "babe jangan lupa datang rumah aku... its adik engagement day" me be like ya Allah aku terlupa... ho yeahhhhhh i straight drove to her house and yes super sedap food is served... how can i escape cake chocolate was melt in my mouth... and lontong also sedap sangat-sangat.. semua sedapppp!! OMG seriously my appetite nih macam apa je lately... nadia is my best friend dari zaman sekolah... we grow up together.. ponteng class together..  we watch movie after school with our school uniform and alhamdulillah till today our friendship tough and strong in sha allah till our last breath.. well she is tougher than me.. why i said that because she lost her mom few years ago... her mom was like my mom too.. we are that closed.. we all have our own story.. we all had been through tough times.
and the tough time has made us today alhamdulillah... 

Feel bad for my eating habit so i decided yes i need to workout.. hahaha... went out for a jog actually with my lil one.. Damiea 6 yrs old took this pic for me... 

and the next day i did my Sunday walk on my Sunday morning... later on i have and another two event to attend. another makan-makan.. hurmm..

walking and jogging along the neighborhood... while listening to my favorite song... and for now i love savina and drone from korea... i love it much.. 

this is my little muchkin... my forever baby girls.. 

and this my ex boyfriend... lol .. #captionjangannakajakpikarokplak.. tanya i dulu... hahhahah #teambella #tirucaption orang #kottetibanakpegangtanganlakikita #captiontengahhot lolz.. i was amuse by the caption that was trending and i don't really know but i love the caption of the artist especially feeya... jangan cuba kacau harimau sedang tido... hahahaha.. anyway life is karma.. what goes around comes around... in sha allah... but still, i believe that women instinct is powerful.. lalalala .. yeahhhh dig in.. but it does not really matters.. and still, things happen for a reason.. take it as a learning process and a little caution.. what am i talking about is the viral stories that spread on the internet and newspaper.. pokok tak kan bergoyang kalau tak ada angin betul tak.. jaga lah diri dan maruah diri... note to self.. 

Lots of Love 

Note: TRUST, take years to build, second to break, forever to repair.