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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mummy day out

Hellow Yellow :)

this happen on saturday 27th Nov 2010..

me n my bff had our day jus the 2 of us.. !!
kami memula ingat nak balik awal ..huh biase laa kalau dah keluar berdua tanduk pon keluar.... we meet up at brickfield dat day ...my hubby hantar hikss (kemalasan nak drive menjelma) both of us g wat threading... spring cleaning on our face boleeee.. muahahahhaha...after do our spring cleaning we had our lunch at Pavi...

i had nasi lemak rendang daging n soya :)

it cost RM 7.90 for the nasi lemak only ..perghhhh mahal kan x ferr laaa sesekali x salu pownnn... ngeeeee... sorry gambar x berapa cantik ...

after our lunch both of us cuci laaa mata jenjalan sana sini...

n i found this ...

i bought it at cotton on ... me n appledia bought the same 1 .. :) by 2 for RM 69... it worth ;)

appledia with her cute lil face ...

after a long window shopping we had a break at CB ... ;) (sila amik perhatian ini adalah sangat2 wajib yeeeerrr :P)

there u go its me ..;)

after lepaking at CB .. we both nak balik laaa.... tp tuh laaa on da way to car park kat sg wang pergh mata melilau tgk sana sini.. ahahah we end up buying 1 cloth each of us ...

finally both of us almost spend the same amount of money ... :) x sampai serat pownnn tu yang penting ... we really enjoy our day jalan2 cari makan ...our next mummy day out will be continue hihihihi... :)

lots of love!!
me :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Being me Being us ... :)

hi all :)

me n my bff had our long lunch at Empire last Friday 26th Nov 2010...lunch at Coffee Bean wit our cute lil lappy ...

i had tuna linguine and my ice blended double choc coffee base... then after lunch we also been a lil naughty takin photos at the ladies ahahhahah...

hiksss i like this photo so much a credit to appledia for this photo is so cool ;)

is juz US...naughty is our name ;)

its was really fun... n we really had a great time on dat day ...even its a very short time but still both of us enjoying it a lot ... hahahahuhuh..

have u seen that lil cookie?? the blue 1 is a peanut butter... the yellow 1 is lemon ... others 2 i forgot ... but i really like the blue 1 though hikss... the color is really nice too ;).. the cute lil thingy name is macaron ...RM 2 each ;)

kecil dan sedap .. :)

is juz a cute lil caffe .. klu x tengok betul2 u'll miss it .. :P ..and plus the shop owner also is very much friendly ;)

have fun my fren...

wit lots of love ...
me ;)

Friday, November 26, 2010

A night wit Rapunzel

heyaaaahhh bebeh !!

this is happen on last tuesday 23rd november 2010

appledia call : babe nak tgk movie tak??

me : mestila nak

appledia : citer rapuzel mlm nih kat OU .....

me : haaaa katun ...adehhh bwk kids oklaaaa dptkan tiket lebey laaa aku nak bwk tira n sufiya jugak ..

appledia : ok aku cube dapatkan

hehehehheheh wooooot wooot woootttttttt !!!!! appledia manage to get 6 passes of tiket and its free weeeeeeeeee rezeki jangan ditolak yeeeee.. again thanks to appledia's friend miss sandra weeeeeeeeee... after work i terus fetch my kids and terus drive to OU ...sempat laa cuci2 mata jup ...heee :D

here goes some photo snaps before movie check in ;)

muh 2 lil kidss yang x sabar nak jumpe Ms Rapunzel :)

b4 movie check in i had dinner ayam penyet at the bowl cafe

da kids n mom ..thanks to lil boy who snap this picCA ...;)

our kidss;)

1 thing dat im not so happy is i have to leave my phone n camera at the reception uwaaaaa...i juz couldn't live without it especially my hp ....isk ... after the movie end i straight away collect my hp n camera.... n back home safely ... owh yess my baby shameera my hubby take care of her at home ..thank you so much sayang !!! weeeeee.... watching the movie is very enjoyable especially the kids of coz ...;)and again BIG thanks to appledia n her friend Sandra Bullock !! heeeee :D lenkali offer laa lagi kat kami ....heeeeee :P (me yang x malu :P)....

with lots lots lots of love
me ;)

Life is short so make it sweet yo !!

hi all....

im feeling to write 2day... to write about the above title ....

some people have different way to enjoy life... and im sure everyone in this world is deserve to enjoy it to the fullest... to me i enjoy n happy n even thank God for what i have ... can u all feel the same way ?? i mean we all should be happy as for what ever things that we had n enjoy it. coz some people are have more worst nightmare exeperience or even never have what we have.. so all should thankful for what we have around us... but still hey come on chill laaa .... Y u ever wanna give a damm how others look pown ...as long as the person enjoy ok wat .... sometime i heard pep talking whispering and say bad thing bout others.. hey get a life la wey .. if u don't like it y dun u just buat bodo or x nampak or just say nice thing... or else belaja how to communicate well i mean there's always a way to say things try not to hurt others feeling or even heart.. if u dare talk front front laaa... hihihihi... but the things is now i dun really give a damm what other think... as long as i enjoy do thing n i do my own business... but i hate when pep talk behind my back but hell yeahh ...hahahha am i so cool till u wanna care bout me ?? question mark ??? muahhahahah... im cool ..i accept what eva comments n complaints... im a open person ...

i have big minded here lol ..hehehehe we can always exchange some idea n stuff ;) ..n im not kind of person yang kedekut ilmu or x nak share where to buy gud stuff ke or what eva laaa... but some pep do have dattt kind of minded... hey like i care laaa come on ... :P bluekkkkkk :P... if u x nak share mana nak beli baju cantik ke pe ... just tell straight jaaa ..ada laaa ke pe... mcm la org nak kesah sgt pownn.. but then again dun u feel fun when u share bende yang fun ...betol tak ??? i rasa felik where some people dunno how to enjoy life... citer sane citer sini ...i mean who are we to judge people??? ... n who are u to judge me???.. life is short haloooo ..lets enjoy it n be happy... x semua orang bertuah kan... x semua orang ada apa yang kita ada... hurmmm ...

just to share my favorite qoutes wit all :)

nice kan all the qoutes tuh .. but hey lain orang lain cara orang berfikir ... what ever it is i hope all of us enjoy life k ...if we have problems try not to think about it so much n share it wit some1 we trust.. but hell yeahh wit some1 have CNN, backstaber or what ever negative attititude happy ke to have that kind of attitude?? ske mu laa yee..... i just hate dat so much ..still i'm human n sometime i do make mistake too ... we all sme pon learn from mistake kan kan ...so just rilekss n be cool.. biar la apa orang nak buat kita tapi kita jangan buat orang hiksss :P ... semoga bejumpa lagi di lain entri ... hihihihihihiiii...

with lots lots of love
me ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My wikend 19-21 Nov 2010

Salam n hi to all....
did u all enjoy ur wikend ?? im sure yes kan kan ... i enjoyed it too alot !! even a bit tired but still we had a really great time ;) .......phewwwwwwww im so busy adehhhh siyesly x sempat nak menghupdate belog somei :P.. anyway just nak story kat u all yang i balik kampung during wikend yang lepas... balik kampung my hubby at sabak bernam ..ekcelli jumaat dah cabut... me n my hubby took a leave just to balik kampung yang konon2 rehat.. :P .. sebenarnya rumah kampung tuh x der orang ..so our family ja yang selalu balik just jenguk2 and kemas apa yang patut.. my hubby la kesian ..potong n meracun tuh dah mmg bende wajib die kena buat ...i plak cleaning up the house la sket2 .. but 1 thing about my hubby kampung nih i ske sangat2 nak buat apa pon murah.. saloon ke .. spa ke.. baju keee... tapi klu nak shopping i lagi suke Sungai Besar .. :P.. so at least once a month kami akan balik hiksss ... dekat je lagipon .. the journey only take 2-3 hours ;) ...

ok here the journey goes .... on friday we all balik kampung day time a.k.a tghari ... salu kami balik memalam heeeeee... tapi kali nih we all gerak super awal ...konon super awal tuh sbenornyer about 11am :P..... still sempat laa singgah kat bukit melawati ...heheeheheh...my hubby oso semayang jumaat kat Masjid Kuala Selangor.. Alhamdulillah.. :) ..while my hubby g friday prayer me n kiddoos g mam at restaurant near by .. quite nice the food.. but the weather is super hot!!... after mamam we continue our journey to Sabak Bernam... arrived at kampung around 4pm... my hubby n me terus kemas-kemas rumah .. me as ussual mopping n stuff n my daughter sme biasa laa main sambil tolong mama spring cleaning.... my hubby kesian die potong wumput kat halaman umah :) .. mlm we all just lepak at home ...n my hubby tapau for dinner ... keletihan we sme tido agak awal ...

next day ari sabtu .... kami bangun awal .... beli nasi lemak... me siapkan the kids mandi ... beselaa my kids tuh klu mandi nak kena jerit dulu baru nak g mandi ...ahahha macam ada ramai kat umah tuh riuh ... hiksss.... dlm kul 11am my hubby send me to saloon ...hahahaha kebiasaan i g saloon bile kat kampung ...dah jd sesuatu yang wajib okehhh.... do some treatment n trim my hair n mani pedi ...huhuhuhu .. just x sempat nak g spa ....heeee... around 3pm i call my hubby suh dtg bwk kids sme ... semua dtg n semua trim rambut include my hubby laaa... :P uhuhuhu... bile dah settle we all g lunch jup n balikkkkk eehhhh jup b4 dat we all singgah kedai beskal beli tricycle for my babies nih sajer kasi derang swonok hiksss ....... around 5.30pm i suh my kids g mandi n siap2 nak g pantai BNO ;) ...masa utk bersantai ... lepak kat BNO till 7.30pm klu x silap... mamam mee udang kat BNO leh tahan laa sedap ...:P ... mlm around 9pm we all sme kuar lagiii.... ahahha g sungai besar plak ...sajer habeskan masa..g uptown Sg. Besar ... best jugak ...hikkk ... :P pastu we all makan lagi b4 balik ahahhahahaha... :P me bedal 2 bijik burger ... :P sedap lak tuh ... around 11pm somthin sampai umah ... lepak2 jup .. guling n tidoooo weeeeeeee...

sunday - hurmmm... my hubby as ussual bangun awal die meracun dulu wumput kawasan umah ... kesian betul my hubby penat die ... x pe yang nnt ayang massage paling deboom ehhh hiksss.... me kuar jup ngan kids beli some bekpes n beli newspaper ;)... around 2pm we all gerak nak balik dahhh ...tapi besa laaa menyinggah sg. besar lagi kedai my frenn ... aduhai byk betol baju cantikkkk2... beli lagi laa beb ... i juz couldn't help it hehehheheh.. :P ... thennnnn my hubby plak singgah kedai kawan die jugak si gemok kedai keta laaa ...hurmmmm berejam lakkkk lerr tggu ...tah haper die buat cermin keta die kasik tinted lagi ..hurmmmm me n kids lepak lerrr sib baik ada bini gemok x lerr busan aku ....hehhehe..:P ... korang tahu kul 6 lebey baru keta die siap ahahhahahahah gile lama okehhh ... siap je keta we pon balikkkkk ..sampai je dekat ngan umah singgah kedai lagi beli barang dapor sket ... perghhhh letey gilerrr...akakakkakaka.... x per yang penting happy .... sampai umah sme mandi ..lepas mandi makan ..lepas makan guling tido akakakkaka..sok nyer keje laa seperti biasa ... weeeeeeeee :P ...

here goes some photo snapsss...:P

at Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor

the cute lil one :)

athyra wit new fren ahahahaha :P

Anak2 abah yang manja :P

ni bekpes kami di kampung ...murahhh jerrr .. satu bungkus tuh sehinggit tau ..:) n sedapppppp :)

while kat saloon i terbaca this article ...wuhuhuhuuuuuuu intresting !!! muahahahhah

ni laaaa rambut baru saya ...setelah di potong depan tuh muahhahahhah ok tak ok tak ??? :P

ni kat BNO ... mamam !!

anak abah tuh . :P

weeeee :P

muh naughty lil kiddosss :)wit their tricycle :P ....:P

the end .... hikssss see u all soon with more more intresting story merriii ehhhh .... hiksssss..

wit lot of love
me ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Aidiladha 2010 - part 2

As i Promised hehhehehe......

sorry all ...i was just so busy gileee yang teramat !! ...
bz with family n stuff and oso upgrading upgrading hikssss :P
besides i dun really snap photo on the raya eve ..
kinda busy dengan kids ... n plus assisant tak ada ...so mummy is everythin ..
phewwwwww.... my kids is like pulling my leg here n there .... adoiii..
n i was likeee "kejup kejup mummy tau mummy nih hot stuff muahahahha kejapppp!!!!!" (bolehlah puke,vomit ke apa yang patut beramai-ramai) im just kiddo okeyyy ;) apapon i fell like my life macam kelam kabut skit since tak ada assistant a.k.a. maid terhormat but still im happy sebab i think i rasa more peaceful.. kesibukan menyebabkan i 4get all what eva prob yg tak patut difikir dan difikirkan akkakkkak... n its like rubbish, lalang, langau or what eva it suppose to called huhuhuhu ..:P hell yeah im happy weeeeeee...

here some photo snap on raya...

my mom n my mak usu yang masak tuh for breakfast ... klu harapkan anak a.k.a. ME alamat no breakfast laa gamaknyerrr.. manatahu kan kan im a super women n sometimes i can do many things in short time ehhehehe.. just kiddo.. again bluekkkkk...

dats my family hiksss....

yang baju belang tuh my makngah Tersayang!!! yang baju purple tuh my mak usu.. my mom yang sememang tersayang is the 1 yang baju oyennn or kunin or apa tuh campo tuh isk mama nih ....heee no matter what mama u always look gorguesss .. ;) i love u mama!!

dats my pak ude n mak ude tercinta ;)

rilek2 santaiii...;)

dats my cousin ...die SPM hari ni kowt ...hiksss good luck dear!!

k laaa tuh jer as for now .. more story is on da wayyyy.. tgguuuuuuu kemunculan the next episode hehehheheh cam movie lak ekkk ...goshhh am i over or what ...ekekekekke

wit lots of love
me ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monthly sickness

i call it as montly sickness .. u wanna know why ??

coz my mood is swing.. dun feel right .... dun feel like to do anything...

my mind could not think straight ..

what daaaaa... isk why laa dis happen.... :(

sorry im so not in da mood :(


Friday, November 19, 2010

All we need is love....

Cinta mengatasi segalanya....
Cinta pada Allah..
Cinta pada sahabat ..
Cinta pada keluarga...
Cinta pada suami ....
Cinta pada anak-anak...
Cinta pada segala-galanya...
Kerana cinta kita menjadi kuat...
kerana cinta kita menjadi gigih bekerja demi masa depan...
kerana cinta kita berubah ... berubah demi kebahagiaan...

Pahit getir kita harungi bersama ...
Susah Senang hanya Allah Swt sahaja yang lebih mengetahui...
Mencari bahagia Dunia dan Akhirat...
Segalanya KehendakNya...

Kekuatan Kasih Sayang tidak terhingga..
hanya maut yang dapat memisahkan kasih sayang kita...

with lots lots of love
me ;)

p/s: me yang tgh sleepy ....dats all i can think of ...hikssss... have a great weekend all ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Aidiladha 2010 - part 1

hellow .. yellow.... blueeee.. pink ....

setiap hari ada sahaja dugaan mendatang....me as ussual i have problem with maid ....selagi maid replacement i belom start kerje...selagi itulah masalah belum lagi selesai... apakahhhh?? hurmmm nama pon manusia tidak pernah ada rasa cukup ... kan kan ...kita hanya mampu buat yang terbaik dan selebihnya bertawakal kepada yang Esa...Dia yang menentukan dan kita hanya merancang... kinda busy sket tu yang x sempat nak update my belog yang comei nih...hurmmm kinda givin up with maid now days ....they all just do things simply without thinking....adohaiii... actually it interupt my work though....tau laaaa anak dah 3 ...so mcm2 byk benda nak prepare.. kan main ssh nak dapat yang reliable assistant ..hhehheheheh...

walaupon maid x ada activity harus diteruskan ... ;) life must go on bebehh... malam raya aidiladha i balik terus my mom house at kajang... seronok sangat sebab semua sanak saudara sesekali berkumpul.. tapi me tido awal as ussual letey beb ..now maid takder me i have to handle things on my own ...mmg sangat letey laaaa . nak pengsan dibuat nyerrr... how i wish im fully housewife .. hiksss but apa nak buat nak cari extra rezeki and better for family future cewahhhhhhh....

pagi raya... baru nak setat gosok baju muahahhahaha... my mom n my moksu laaaa memasak n menyiapkan segala juadah di pagi raya... but me menyiap kan my 3 kids perghhhhh sme nyer nak kena bedal baru nak mandi ... hihihihi. noti2 my kids nih .. then dlm kul 11am baru la start marathon raya ...perghhhh total of 5 rumah okesss..semuah rumah buat makan2 ... n 5 rumah jugak i hantam makan hihihihihi :P

sedap owhhh my mak saudara masak .. apapun x leh lawan masakan my mom laaa kan. mom is always d best chef in da world tol x kawan-kawan??

i have some photo snaps tapi camera tertinggal sob sob .... so photo will be on my next entry..... tggu ehhhh weeeeeeeeee....

with lots of love
me ;)


the years are going by so fast
and our love will always last,
our ups and downs
the way we care
the love together we will always share,
the three lovely children
we call our own
which is what has made our happy home,
without each other we wouldn't be
a happy little family,
it's love that draws 2 people close
that’s why I love you the most!

wit lots of love

me ;)

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