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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mummy day out

Hellow Yellow :)

this happen on saturday 27th Nov 2010..

me n my bff had our day jus the 2 of us.. !!
kami memula ingat nak balik awal ..huh biase laa kalau dah keluar berdua tanduk pon keluar.... we meet up at brickfield dat day ...my hubby hantar hikss (kemalasan nak drive menjelma) both of us g wat threading... spring cleaning on our face boleeee.. muahahahhaha...after do our spring cleaning we had our lunch at Pavi...

i had nasi lemak rendang daging n soya :)

it cost RM 7.90 for the nasi lemak only ..perghhhh mahal kan x ferr laaa sesekali x salu pownnn... ngeeeee... sorry gambar x berapa cantik ...

after our lunch both of us cuci laaa mata jenjalan sana sini...

n i found this ...

i bought it at cotton on ... me n appledia bought the same 1 .. :) by 2 for RM 69... it worth ;)

appledia with her cute lil face ...

after a long window shopping we had a break at CB ... ;) (sila amik perhatian ini adalah sangat2 wajib yeeeerrr :P)

there u go its me ..;)

after lepaking at CB .. we both nak balik laaa.... tp tuh laaa on da way to car park kat sg wang pergh mata melilau tgk sana sini.. ahahah we end up buying 1 cloth each of us ...

finally both of us almost spend the same amount of money ... :) x sampai serat pownnn tu yang penting ... we really enjoy our day jalan2 cari makan ...our next mummy day out will be continue hihihihi... :)

lots of love!!
me :)


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