Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Every Minutes is a Happy Moment

hahahah what laa my title tuh ....layan je laaa ehh :P
juz wanna express my feeling that how much i wannna write on my blog at least one post a day .... but when i got home.. i will be the most buziest person in da world haaahaa... 1stly need to cook for dinner.. then wash dishes after dinner ..pastu i always nak my house as clean as possible i will clean up the house everyday especially the hall... u know how kids eat ... they will eat n running here n there ..goshhh my kids are naughty ..bukan apa takut ada semut or any other bugs berkeliaran pulak.. school holidays laa i think i paling busy.. especially when the cousins came for overnight... im so happy to see the kids happy n enjoy their break... its like our time oso like that kannn .... hikssss.... but last night something happen hahahhahah.... they play n play till 1 person have been locked him self in my kids room hahahha.... tombol pintu tuh suddenly rosak... about an hour jugak laaa die terkurung dalam bilik tuh n nasib baik die x nangis ..die cool jerr :) ... my hubby try to fix the door tp x boleh so he just smash the door ahahhahah... dorang main bukak tutup bukak tutup agaknya ..kikikikiki... gud laaa at least a lesson to them !! my kids n the cousins selagi x tido selagi tuh laaa riuh rendah hahhahaha...

hurmmm sometimes its good to be busy all the time... so that i can sleep peacefully like a baby yang sangat2 letih..(heee perasan baby bolehhh)... well the most important thing is no matter how busy i am even im at work or anywhere i will try my best to communicate well with my kids or even others .... i will try to attend to it my very best!! as u all know i love do things that im doing but sometimes i feel sad the way people treat me... but what can i do ... different people have different style to handle prob.. to me i just enjoy it selagi saya masih bernafas kat dunia nih selagi tuh saya akan appreciate apa yang ada... sometimes ada jugak orang yang akan take advantage on other people kindness n weakness ... tapi biarlah i redha u... why i always appreciate things around me is becoz of the experience yang saya dah lalui sepanjang hidup saya and the experience that make me learn n become who i am... i feel that i need to appreciate every moment coz i dunno when i might lossing it or brapa lama sgt kita nak hidup kat dunia nih pown kan... everything is God lil secret ;)

wit lots of love
me ;)

p/s: this is me n im juz gonna be me... :)


  1. hargai ape yg ade.. every second, mmg precious klau tau hargai btol2.