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Friday, November 26, 2010

A night wit Rapunzel

heyaaaahhh bebeh !!

this is happen on last tuesday 23rd november 2010

appledia call : babe nak tgk movie tak??

me : mestila nak

appledia : citer rapuzel mlm nih kat OU .....

me : haaaa katun ...adehhh bwk kids oklaaaa dptkan tiket lebey laaa aku nak bwk tira n sufiya jugak ..

appledia : ok aku cube dapatkan

hehehehheheh wooooot wooot woootttttttt !!!!! appledia manage to get 6 passes of tiket and its free weeeeeeeeee rezeki jangan ditolak yeeeee.. again thanks to appledia's friend miss sandra weeeeeeeeee... after work i terus fetch my kids and terus drive to OU ...sempat laa cuci2 mata jup ...heee :D

here goes some photo snaps before movie check in ;)

muh 2 lil kidss yang x sabar nak jumpe Ms Rapunzel :)

b4 movie check in i had dinner ayam penyet at the bowl cafe

da kids n mom ..thanks to lil boy who snap this picCA ...;)

our kidss;)

1 thing dat im not so happy is i have to leave my phone n camera at the reception uwaaaaa...i juz couldn't live without it especially my hp ....isk ... after the movie end i straight away collect my hp n camera.... n back home safely ... owh yess my baby shameera my hubby take care of her at home ..thank you so much sayang !!! weeeeee.... watching the movie is very enjoyable especially the kids of coz ...;)and again BIG thanks to appledia n her friend Sandra Bullock !! heeeee :D lenkali offer laa lagi kat kami ....heeeeee :P (me yang x malu :P)....

with lots lots lots of love
me ;)


  1. Wei 5..apeke 6??Miahahahah
    Omaigod,i looked "gomak"!-_-

  2. opsssss teshilapppp ...:P ahahahh nope u look gorgues !!!


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