Monday, November 29, 2010

Being me Being us ... :)

hi all :)

me n my bff had our long lunch at Empire last Friday 26th Nov 2010...lunch at Coffee Bean wit our cute lil lappy ...

i had tuna linguine and my ice blended double choc coffee base... then after lunch we also been a lil naughty takin photos at the ladies ahahhahah...

hiksss i like this photo so much a credit to appledia for this photo is so cool ;)

is juz US...naughty is our name ;)

its was really fun... n we really had a great time on dat day ...even its a very short time but still both of us enjoying it a lot ... hahahahuhuh..

have u seen that lil cookie?? the blue 1 is a peanut butter... the yellow 1 is lemon ... others 2 i forgot ... but i really like the blue 1 though hikss... the color is really nice too ;).. the cute lil thingy name is macaron ...RM 2 each ;)

kecil dan sedap .. :)

is juz a cute lil caffe .. klu x tengok betul2 u'll miss it .. :P ..and plus the shop owner also is very much friendly ;)

have fun my fren...

wit lots of love ...
me ;)


  1. yes it is !! hikssssssss :P ...who ever eat the macaron look cute tooo !! ahahahaa juz kiddo ..:P