Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Do you know what power means to you….?? And I think I know… this is how I see it.. Different people have different opinion.. But this is how I see it…Power when how strong u are been holding on to.. Say maybe relationship or even work…Power when u are so have been patient on waiting or hold anger and so on.. I think u guys get what iam trying to explain… when u have that kind of POWER than u will be doing good in your life and plus relationship… power when u are so strong… power when u can just control situation.. power when u can just forget all those darkness that u have been trough… power when u have been yourself… power when u are not been fake… power when u are honest… well things happen… but God have the secret for all of us…. Learn to be patient and yes you will get GOLDS in return.. POWER for me is also about patient… u cannot get things at short time… hurmmm… whatever it is… this is life… nothing is perfect…

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