Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lunch Hour is my Happy Hour

Hi and Assalamualaikum.... 

This few days i was craving for onigiri.... i had donut from starbucks and onigiri for my heavy lunch... is that heavy ?? i dunno i just craving for it... as usual with my caffe latte. 

i also get Churros with chocolate filling and with caffe latte. Again. Had two caffe latte today.. i is so coffee addict... you guys have to try the churros was so good!! its melt in my mouth... SUPER SEDAP !!! the set of price is RM14.90. 

For more info and location click here >>> Churros Lover 

i also went to Daiso... its been a while i did not drop by Daiso... and i miss it.. 
i love the small cute stuff at Daiso... there's always things that i want to buy whenever at Daiso. LOLz.. 

I bought this Happy Bear container. Bought it for my Lil Baby Damiea. Tak baby sangat dahhh 6 tahun.. she can keep her Duit raya in the container... she loves present and who doesn't? i love present too.. 
so yah i bought it for her... i hope she like it...

That's for today!! 

Lots Of Love 

Note: Be the Best you can Be    

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