Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bungy jumping or G-Force X

Dapat Discount Voucer 
 Experience the First Bungy Jump in Malaysia  and The G-Force X 
Anti-Gravity Machine!!! 
Only at Extreme Park, Sunway Lagoon  

If uols penah cuba benda alah ni.. sila share ur experience and tips..
konon-konon nak persediaan laaa sangat khennnnnnnnnnnnn... 

Geng dah ada... yeay... very the soon soon..


nebes pon ader nih...
 tak tahu lah hati nih kental ke tak... 
untuk Bungy Jumping i dah tarik diri.. i will go for G-Force X 
nak tahu kental ke tak tunggulah nanti i update... 
insyallah by end of this month..
 Stay Tuned uolssssss... 

with Lots Of Love 
me ;) 

NoTe: "Life isn't about having things to enjoy life. It's about enjoying life with the things you have."

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