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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wordless Lunch of The Day at Subak

Hari nih we alls ada Department Lunch with CEO 

mula-mula sampai salah spot.. ehehhehehe.. 

Salah pon still taking picture tuh wajib..
this place are so classic .. 
jemur apa tah nih bahan masakan kot..

LAZAT ni nama tempat Cooking School  
konpident jek kami... lalallala.. 

Like the landscape sangat-sangat.. 

Rasa macam dalam citer Hobbit plak.. lol  

ni baru betul our lunch gathering spot.. 

3 dara (padahal wekkkk wekkk wekkk) .... ecehhhhhh.. lalalalalala..

they name it "Japanese Popiah" sedap..

ni Pecal for starter.. 

Butter Prawn and others... (heheheh tatau nama dishes)

Ikan Bawal masak 3 rasa kowt.. 

Paling Rare "Rendang Burung Unta" rasa macam daging lembu cuma lebih kenyal.. sedap..!! 

Besday Boy and Gurl ^__^

Cake nih Super Sedap!!  
 Actually this restaurant only serve western.. but we alls tekak melayu.. 
so our order is special request.. 
we choose this place because of the environment... 
we really enjoy the landscape.. 
and yes we all love it.. 
Thanks to Subak Restaurant.. 

Just Us the Department 

Love the Landscape, service are superb, special serve by Subak Chef.. 
Had Super Marvelous Lunch at Subak.. 

with Lots of Love 
me ;) 

NoTe: "Find your dream. Follow it. Finish it." 

Happy Thursday Love!! 

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