Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lil her.. Lil me.. her dream... my dream..

Satuday Morning -
maybe its a bit late... but better late than never kan... 
just enroll her kindergarden... 
not too far from my hse.. 
and yes i have new job.. 
every morning i have to send her to school.. 
and i am excited too!! lol.. 

My Sunday with my 4 lil princess..  jalan-jalan cari makan... 

My Monday
Day 1 its her time!!.. i take leave just to send her to school.. 
intai-intai takut dia nangis kat skool..
thanks to Allah swt she is really behave..
 tak nangis and independant.. 

sempat posing-posing dulu... lol 

My Monday evening ronda-ronda intai-intai dream car..
Moga tercapai kehendak nurani ini..
tengok jer mampu buat masa ini... 
keta apa nih?? haihhh tggu je laaa ekk mana tahu dream will come true... 

My Tuesday... we all semua berguling dirumah sahaja... 
Layan Tv 
Cuci keta... mandi small pool with kiddos...

My lunch of the day.. 
cafe kat opis jer sudah... 
malas nak drive.. 

nak lagi citer #Havoc #Havoc?? 
nantilah mommy nih dah penat... esok plak.. 

with Lots of Love 
me ;) 

NoTe: "When times get tough, remember it's times like these that teach us the most valuable lessons and help us grow."

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