Thursday, October 10, 2013

When September end and October arises... and when the word become wordless...

I block 3 days for my honeymoon... where too??...  
My 1st experience 3D 2N Phuket trip at Patong Island is superb.. 

Just a short gateaway a.k.a honeymoon with my darling... 
The food was great but a bit pricy... easy to get muslim food... 
IBIS Hotel Patong was awesome and just a walking distance to Patong Beach.. 
We did enjoy the Island and plus the Night Life was awesome.. 
Wrong timing coz its a bit rainy on n off.. 
Just to share my experience and enjoy the photos 

 Lots of Loves!! ;)

Day 1

i am flying with wings... 

Where i carry my mobile phone and my passport with me along the way as my heart and soul...

When stranger is at my side...

saw a rainbow its beautiful and its Allah swt creation

when im almost there.... 

When the journey just begin.. 

Heading to Phuket, Patong Island

 Ibis Hotel..

Can i say this is my comfort zone... :P 

This are the place where tsunami really hits..

Shoping HRC

Comel tak ?? Cun beb!! lol ^__^

Hard Rock Cafe, Phuket to bring home for some memories... 

Day 2 

Where we spend the whole day visit  4 Island

1st Island where we visit a small Cave.. 

Love the view... 

Inside the cave where the bats hide.. 

Where some people have thier own believes... 

Some Souviner at James Bond Island 

Where Bond make his move here at this Island..

Mr and Mrs Bond 

Thats all for now will keep on updating my Journey soon... 

stay tuned.. 

with lots of Love 

NoTe:  "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

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