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Monday, May 13, 2013

Family First

owhhh hi alls....
 my 2 kids Sufiya and Damiea had chickenpox. it's heartbreaking to see them in such discomfort and covered in awful sores. But theys is such a trooper, and hasn't complained once. its all started on last Saturday.... so morning i bring them to see doctor... sufiya gets Medical Leaves for a week... senyum lebar okeh... Sufiya nih jenis easily gets home sick like me.. after went to clinic... we all went to indian temple to ask for daun Semambu... the daun Kemambu ke Semambu ke janji ada bunyi .... Semambu leaves helps to reduce the itchiness....  My mom  mentioned that people in the old days used to use daun semambu (which I later discovered were neem leaves) to treat chicken pox and other skin problems.

Here Goes the neem leave or also known as Daun Semambu.. 

This is Sufiya... now she is recovering.... 

Damiea also getting better... on the first day and night she had a very high fever... 
hopefully they recovering the soonest....

with lots of love 
me ;)


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