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fisrtly gud morning every1!!!!! ...

Just nak sharing some info bout emotion okesss for today ...

i google about emotion but then again i forgot the link.. let just read it n learn which is i think is quite intetersting...

here goes...

Summary – Emotion accumulates

Duh! I wonder if this is your first reaction to the summary of this post. Of course it accumulates. Everything accumulates. Just like a coin, if you found one coin today, and tomorrow you found another one, that will make two coins.

But wait a minute, this post is meant for more than just compounding interest or wealth generation. It is one of the most interesting lesson I’ve learnt the past 2 months.
The story

I was very stressed that day. With all the problem I was having with work, one of my staff was giving me more problem. He did one expensive mistake and I proceeded by calling him up and showed him where he did wrong. Of course as his superior, I had to be slightly tough with him. It was a really serious mistake. He however didn’t take it that well. Instead he just walked out the door without saying a word.

With so many other problems, I chosed to let this one go. I just buried my anger and focused on other things at hand. The keyword here is “buried“.

This is where I make a mistake. It turns out anger accumulates too. That same staff was caught one day trying to steal scrap iron. He was caught red handed with the scrap iron in his motorcycle. Of course he denied putting it there. He even started shouting at other people angrily.

I was there. And even though this kind of things had never bothered me before, I felt an intense anger building up immediately at the staff. There was even one time, I almost slapped him. I’m stressing the word “Almost” here.
Lesson learnt

I suddenly realized. I never slapped anyone my entire life. That incident itself was nothing to be angry about. I could just bring the staff to the police, make a police report and deal with it accordingly. It seemed that the anger I buried was still there. It accumulated every time I got angry and in the end, it exploded.

So guys remember.. your emotion accumulates.

What ever your problem today, do something about it today.

* If you’re angry at someone, forgive him that same day.
* If you miss someone, call her and tell her that.
* If your friend keep telling joke about you and you hate it, show that you hate it.
* If you are stressed with your boss, talk about it with your boss.

- What do you think? -
Do you have any story that describe accumulation of emotion?

—— Personal Note ——–
I actually talked to my superior about the stress I’m having. This is his exact words – “Do you know why you are stressful? It’s because you don’t know how to manage the small things. Bla bla”. I ended up being more stressed.

But deep down, I know that I have attempted to solve my problem. That itself is a very comforting emotion. -

hope u alll enjoy read it hihihi... well its about us control it n handle it with matured way... not doing things mengikut perasaan tol tak...?? n plus im not saying im perfect enough n even adult enough pown ...but this is life... we just know how to handle it but maybe sometimes we just ignore it n maybeeeeee the strong words is our "EGO" is controlling us... maybe laaa... ada orang agree wit me takk...?? maybe u all nak share ngan i about EMOtion please do so...

ok dats all for this sunday morning.... im going for a movie today with my kiddos...

take care all ...

wit lots of love
me ;)

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