Sunday, September 21, 2014

Grafa Cafe

My choice sementara tunggu hujan berhenti.. lepak Grafa Cafe.. 

Nice concept

Humble... cosy... a place we can have a frens or even family gather.. 

Outside also not so bad.. 
Humble and creative.. 

I like simple!! 


Long black coffee RM 5 

Mushroom beef burger its just delicious.. 
tapi portion kecik.. RM20 

Mine blueberry yogurt kat dalam tuh ada laici.. sedap okayyy... love it!! Its rm 8 

Its at Subang Jaya SS15.. uols boleh google jer nama cafe ni.. i kasi 5 bintang.. konsepnya mudah.. sederhana and simple.. menu is variety.. nasi goreng ketam pun ada.. from western to asian food is served.. liking it very much.. 

Thats all for today!!

Lots of love 

Note: Always Stay True To Yourself.

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