Saturday, May 3, 2014

Heart to heart talk..

Hi.... and assalamualaikum... 

I know its been sometimes i did not write my blog... 
Leaving it to long and ive become the laziest person ever... 

Too many apps now days and all need to be updated.. 
But i actually busy raising my anak dara.. 

Its not easy to become one.. 
To made them understand how to survive in this crazy world.. 

Seriously its not easy.. 
How i wish it was simple... 
Simple as like "petik jari" 
Face the fact it doesn't that so simple.. 

Pening kepala okeh... 
The teenagers even too daring.. 
 I have 4.. And 1 anak dara aldi.. 
She is pretty of coz like me.. Lol "perasan" please ignore me.. 

Well.. I think only mothers like me understand how i feel.. 
Serba salah... I dunno should i let her use smart phone or not. 
Tak bagi... Kesian pulak.. 
Bagi nanti she will be minah busy dengan hp.. 
Im so confuse.. 

Seriously im so confuse.. 
Need to think very deeply bout this. 

Wish me luck all!! 
And if u guys ada any advise or suggestion.. Please share.. 


Lots of love 
Me ;) 

Note : “The best medicine is a strong dose of love, laughter and letting go.”

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