Friday, June 10, 2011

not to be missed...:)

Owh yes I dit it… as promised I have registered my kiddos at KUMON yesterday… the briefing is fun even myself pon jd besemangat nak belajar… ahaksss ;) even athyrah n sufiya meet up her schoolmates kat KUMON.. Its positive thing I guess… I hope KUMON will help my daughter to improve her math n even be more confident and independent… coz I thinks KUMON really have the mission to change our kids to be a better one… KUMON not just teach our kids to learn but even more than that…. cool haa…. My daughter will have 4 times free trial class… as promised in the newspaper n I think all my fren out there u all should try too… my daughter oso nampak besemangat…. So I hope they’ll enjoy the class…

Thats all for now…. Will update more fun stories…

Wit lots of love
Me ;)

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