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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movie Fever a Midnight wit Fast & Furious 5

hi all... just nak story ni...sometimes me n hubby do crazy things.... hahah... last night we decide to watch midnight movie... and the best part is i tried tahan my eyes to fall asleep akan tetapi ku kalah jua... kejup jek laa tetido.... my hubby watch it all the way.... the movie end about 2.30am and today i still come to work... hahhahhaa.... but siyesly im tired... pinggang rasa macam nak meletop... tapi gagahkan jugak... anyway... next i nak bring my kids to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 plak.... hihihihi... dats all for now.... what ever it is FF 5 mmg best !!!

wit lots lots of love

me ;)


  1. fast 5 memang best.. Rugi ar tido.. :p

  2. ade tid tgk fast 5 ! bes kot !

    nnt tgk kl gangster lak , jgn tido lak ! haha

  3. abg sam: mmg best tu laa tetido hampes jek... my hubby kata tido jeee sbb i preggy... but still i feel wasted la klu tetido... hahhahah :P

    Zul: hahhah tetido sbb dah ngantok sgt.. my sleep time tuh.. ahahha bb dlm tummy pon nak tido gakkk ahhaha... tu laaa next nak tgk KL gangster nak tgk aaron beraksi... hiksss ;)


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