Thursday, November 10, 2011

hey its me..

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all..

im tryin to update blog using my tab but im fail with touch screen thingy.. sgt lembab & selowww :P .. im hoping that all of u out there still remember me. (ecececce mcm laa i ni artis org sme nak ingat so layankan ajer..) im so sorry that i was so bz tuning my time with work n as a mother for 4 kids and never forget wify laaa.. trying my very best nak bahagikan masa utk semua happy termasuklah my own self.. i am really tight now.. body pon nak jaga. kononnya im givin my self to get bck my body figure back in 6 mths tatau la i can make it or not. but hey im trying quite hard hehehe.. so just wait and see.. my baby semakin sihat. baby dah 3 mths and her weight is 6kg.. at this moment i baru lost 10kg.. i need to lose another 10kg.. since i ada baby ni by the time 9pm i will start felling sleepy and i will fall asleep.. dunno y i feel super dooper tired.. belom ada anak 10 org mcm zaman dedulu.. macam mana la derang handle kan.. im wondering n termenung till i fall asleep.. kesian oso my hubby x der teman bebual... so he just had his dinner wit kiddos n even my hubby layan the kids till bed time.. thanks to him for his understanding... my eyes macam ada gam melekat x boleh bukak mata but if i suddenly wake up at 3am above i hardly to continue sleep... i will online about half an hour or 1 hour then only my eyes will shut off... hihihi... hurmmm

here goes for all the latest me n baby....;)

wit lots of love
me ;)

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